Textual Database and Computer Tools for Socio-political Discourse Analysis

Textopol is a research and training platform in lexicometrics and is dedicated to the automatic processing of political discourse. It combines linguistic and statistical instruments with socio-political and textual corpus. Textopol allows to:

  • Become familiar with and compare diverse softwares as well as their characteristics;

  • Carry out experimental analysis of textual data, be they political, media-related, institutional, sociolinguistic or even literary;

  • Conduct research and carry out some discursive, enunciative, lexical, syntactic or semantic experiments in different perspectives: typological, argumentative, communicational, historic, sociolinguistic, rhetoric, stylistic, terminological, and thematic.

The platform gives access to :

  • A socio-political and textual database: Textopol,
  • Comparative explanations of diverse statistical tools, with links to these instruments and their instructions

  • A teaching section offering a course and exercises in lexicometrics

  • Documentary resources and links to research teams and works in this field

  • Some accessible archives

  • A forum for discussion

  • A blog dedicated to presidential New Year’s messages and political rituals.

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